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How Bradley Cooper and Huma Abedin Started Dating: Details


People reported on July 12 that Bradley Cooper and Huma Abedin are dating. Anna Wintour, a close friend of Abedin’s, is said to have arranged for the two to meet at the Met Gala in May.

Cooper, 47, and his ex-girlfriend, Irina Shayk, 47, split up in 2019 following a four-year relationship. Lea De Seine, the couple’s daughter, was born in 2017.

In a June interview with People, the actor revealed that becoming a father “changed everything,” despite his prior difficulties with self-esteem and addiction. Every aspect of his life has been “shaded by, or brought into beautiful colors” by the fact that he now has a wonderful human being to call his own.

Bradley Cooper and Huma Abedin Are in a ‘Serious’ Relationship: Details on How They Started Dating

Actor and director Bradley Cooper will play Leonard Bernstein in the film “Maestro,” which will be released in 2023 and directed by Cooper.

Clinton’s 45-year-old chief of staff Huma Abedin served as Hillary Clinton‘s 2016 campaign vice-chair and is now her chief of staff. Former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner was also her husband of six years.

Both/And: A Life in Many Worlds” was a New York Times bestseller and she has a son, Jordan Zain Weiner, born in 2011. Since the end of her relationship with Weiner in November 2021, she has been candid about the difficulties she faced as a result of the repercussions.

While she has tried hard to keep a nice relationship with Weiner for the sake of their baby, she told People that same month. Since he is the father of her child, “Anthony” will always be in her life. As his mother puts it, “I want to make sure he is healthy and that our boy sees models of healthy behavior.”


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