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Gabriella Brooks and Liam Hemsworth Squash Breakup Rumors by Appearing Together on The Red Carpet.!


The duo made their red-carpet debut three months after allegations of a breakup between Liam Hemsworth and Gabriella Brooks first appeared.

After dating for three years, it was revealed a few months ago that the 32-year-old actor and the 26-year-old actress were no longer together. Gabriella was said to have been devastated by the separation.

There Seems To Be No End In Sight To The Love Between Liam Hemsworth And Gabriella Brooks

Even though they have been together for so long, Liam Hemsworth and Gabriella Brooks still have a stunning physical presence. There was a lot of conjecture that the actor and his wife had broken up throughout the summer. The duo, however, dispelled that rumor by making a red carpet presence at the “Poker Face” premiere.

Hemsworth grinned for the camera at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter in Sydney, Australia, on Tuesday night. It was his first outing since their three-year relationship. Three years have passed since Brooks, 26, and Hemsworth, 32, started dating.

The “Hunger Games” actor held the model’s arms while sporting a golden knit turtleneck dress against the model’s dashing black suit. Hemsworth reportedly posed for photos with actress Elsa Pataky, who is featured in the movie “Poker Face,” according to some accounts.

Gabriella Brooks and Liam Hemsworth Squash Breakup

Hemsworth and Brooks were pictured together in public for the first time since their breakup more than three months ago. Hemsworth’s reluctance to commit to a relationship caused the team to sever connections ten years ago.

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Brooks And Hemsworth Started Dating in Late 2019

Since late 2019, Hemsworth and Brooks have gone on a number of dates, including get-togethers and a trip to see his family for Christmas in 2018.

Following Miley Cyrus’s divorce from the “Isn’t It Romantic” actor, the duo started dating. Hemsworth and the singer, 29, began dating in June 2009 and dated intermittently before secretly getting married in December 2018.

However, after just seven months of marriage, the couple chose to divorce in August of this year. In January 2020, their divorce was officially formalized. Earlier this year, while performing in Brazil, Cyrus called the brief union “an f-king disaster” and expressed his hope that it would go better than his own marriage.

Gabriella Brooks and Liam Hemsworth Squash Breakup

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About Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth is best recognized for his portrayal of Gale Hawthorne in the internationally popular film series “The Hunger Games.” Alongside his older brothers, Luke and Chris, Liam has worked in the entertainment sector since he was a teenager. He has so made a reputation for himself not only in Australia but also in Hollywood.

Two of his earliest television roles were in “Neighbours” and “The Elephant Princess.” After arriving in the country, he immediately pursued his acting career.

With the release of “The Last Song,” in which he displayed his acting prowess, they had their first taste of major film success. The publication “Details” chose him as a member of its “Next Generation” as soon as he rose to the position of leading man.

In the years that followed, his turbulent relationship with Miley Cyrus kept him in the public eye. He then appeared in movies including “Independence Day: Resurgence,” “Love and Honor,” “Paranoia,” and “The Dressmaker.” They have been apart for a few years, and they are now engaged.

Gabriella Brooks and Liam Hemsworth Squash Breakup

When their fans finally got to see them together again, they were ecstatic. What do you think of the couple’s chemistry and their relationship in general? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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