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Everything You Need to Know About Rupert Murdoch’s Six Adult Children


The 91-year-old Rupert Murdoch is well-known as a media tycoon. But he’s also a father to seven children, and he’s done a great job at it. Prudence was born to Rupert and his first wife, model Patricia Booker, in 1958, and they divorced in 1967. He married Anna Mann (Torv) in the same year, and they had three children together—Elisabeth, Lachlan, and James—between the late 60s and early 70s.

Grace and Chloe were born in the early 2000s to Wendi Deng, whom he married after divorcing Anna. By the end of 2013, Wendi and Murdoch had split up. He wed Jerry Hall, a former model, and Mick Jagger’s ex-girlfriend, in 2016. On June 22, 2022, the pair declared that they were ending their relationship. These are Rupert’s three children from his first three wives, listed alphabetically.

A Prudence MacLeod,

Patricia, a former model and flight attendant, gave birth to Prudence “Prue” Murdoch MacLeod in Adelaide, South Australia, in 1958. Crispin Odey and Alasdair MacLeod, the eldest child of the billionaire, have both been married for less than a year. When she married James, she had three children with him: Angus, 29, and Clementine, 26.

Following in the footsteps of her father Rupert, she has held executive positions in Rupert’s News Corporation and currently serves on the board of Times Newspapers, Ltd., according to Wikipedia. She has also worked at News of the World as a journalist and tabloid researcher.

Prudence is said to have avoided pursuing her father’s large business empire. There aren’t many individuals who know anything about me… In an interview, she said, “I just love that,” according to The Guardian. She founded Macdoch Ventures with Alasdair. To support “Australia and New Zealand’s late seed-stage founders,” the company uses the family’s enormous wealth.

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Everything You Need to Know About Rupert Murdoch's Six Adult Children

In addition to being Rupert’s sole daughter from his first marriage, Elisabeth is his oldest daughter from his second. After her maternal grandmother, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, she was born in Sydney on August 22, 1968. She went to Brearly School in New York and Vassar College for her undergraduate studies. She was initially married to Elkin Kwesi Pianim, who she was with from 1993 to 1998. It was before their divorce in 1998 that the couple had two children, Cornelia Pianim and Anna Pianim, who was born.

It’s unclear how many children she has with Matthew Freud, a public relations executive and great-grandson of Sigmund Freud. She married artist Keith Tyson in 2017 after they separated in 2014. Elisabeth started the production company Shine Group in 2001 when she was widely expected to succeed her father as head of the family business. In 2011, she sold it back to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp for a profit.

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Everything You Need to Know About Rupert Murdoch's Six Adult Children

Rupert and Anna Murdoch had their first child, Lachlan Keith, on September 8, 1971, in London, England. Lachlan is Elisabeth’s younger brother. When he was a little boy, he was brought up in New York City by his Scottish journalist mother and rich father. James attended Phillips Academy in Massachusetts before attending Princeton University to get a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy in 1994.

In addition to serving as executive chairman of Nova Entertainment and CEO of Fox Corporation, the British media heir is also co-chairman of his father’s News Corp. An Australian investing firm was also created by him. In 1999, Lachlan married actress Sarah O’Hare, with whom he has two children. As a result of their marriage, they had three children. Kalan Alexander was born in 2004 and Aidan Patrick was born in 2006. In 2010, they welcomed a daughter named Aerin Elisabeth, a nod to the female family name. Aspen, Colorado; New South Wales; and Los Angeles are all owned by Lachlan and his wife.

James Murdoch is the CEO of Rupert Murdoch’

Rupert James Rupert Jacob Murdoch was born on December 13, 1972, in London, a year after his older brother Lachlan. He is no longer in contact with his influential father, according to a Tatler article from 2021. Rawkus Records was founded by Rupert and Anna’s youngest child after he dropped out of Harvard to study film and history and went on to become the CEO of 20th Century Fox from 2015 to 2019.

A dual citizen, he is able to travel freely between the United Kingdom and the United States. While he served as CEO for Europe and Asia at News Corp, he also served on the company’s board of directors until 2020, when he stepped down.

James married Kathryn Hufschmid in 2000, and the couple had three children together, including a son and two daughters. Anneka, Walter, and Emerson were born in 2003, 2004, and 2008, respectively. As a couple, they founded the non-profit Quadrivium Foundation and made significant contributions to both the Clinton Foundation and the Biden campaign.

the Murdoch twins

It was Wendi Deng, Rupert’s third wife, who gave birth to Grace (born in 2001) and Chloe Murdoch (born in 2003). Grace’s godfather is said to be Tony Blair. After a luxurious upbringing, they are expected to inherit billions of dollars, according to Tatler. Stepsister Georgia May Jagger, daughter of Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger’s ex-girlfriend, was the flower girl at their father’s fourth wedding to Jerry Hall. They appear to have had a close relationship with her.

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