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Evan Rachel Wood Claims Ex Marilyn Manson Tied and Sexually Abused Her – Let’s Find Out if it’s True


Evan Rachel Wood claims that after she tried to leave Marilyn Manson, he tied her up, shocked her genitals with a BDSM sex toy, forced her to swallow his blood, and whipped her with a Nazi whip from the Holocaust.

  • In the new documentary ‘Phoenix Rising,’ Wood, 34, makes alarming charges regarding the abuse she received from Manson.
  • When she and Manson, actual name Brian Warner, broke up, she said he harassed her with phone calls until she came over.
  • He chained her to a kneeler bench and whipped her with a Nazi whip from the Holocaust at his home.
  • He shocked her welts and genitals with a Violent Wand, which was so severe that she jerked and broke the kneeler.
  • She begged for his pardon to get him to stop, and he made her drink his blood while he drank hers.
  • Wood also accuses Manson of drugging her, rapping her multiple times, hacking her email and social media accounts, and breaking her with’military’ tactics.
  • Manson has sued, claiming slander and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
  • When Evan Rachel Wood tried to break up with Marilyn Manson, he allegedly tied her up, beat her with a Nazi whip, and electrically shocked her genitals, according to Evan Rachel Wood.
  • Since naming Manson, real name Brian Warner, as her accused abuser last year, Wood, 34, has made frightening allegations about the violence she underwent at his hands.

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Evan Racheal Wood Sued Co-star and Former Boyfriend Marilyn Manson

In Amy Berg’s new two-part documentary, ‘Phoenix Rising,’ which broadcast on HBO this week, the actress goes into great depth. Wood has sued Manson for the malicious untruth of the abuse charges she made against him in the documentary. Manson has repeatedly disputed the allegations made by Wood in the documentary.

Wood — who was barely 18 when she began dating a 37-year-old Manson — details the violence he inflicted on her when she tried to leave him, in addition to telling how he frequently drugged and raped her while isolating her from her family and friends.

She describes how he bound her to a kneeler bench, lashed her with a Nazi whip from the Holocaust, and shocked her welts and genitals with electricity until she begged him to stop, at which point he forced her to swallow his blood.

Evan Rachel Wood reveals how her ex-boyfriend Marilyn Manson allegedly tied her up, beat her, and electrically shocked her in the new documentary ‘Phoenix Rising.’

When they were broken up, he lured her over and beat her with a Nazi whip, and delivered electric shocks to her genitals, she remembers in an emotional moment.

In a moment from Part 2 of the new documentary, Wood fearlessly discusses the details of the brutal encounter with other victims. Her assertions have been publicly refuted by Manson.

‘We had broken up, and he kept calling me and calling me, and I was trying to defuse the situation,’ she added.

She recalls traveling to his house and being taken to his bedroom, where she noticed a kneeler bench, similar to those used in churches, set up in the center of the room.

‘And I had a feeling.’ ‘I had a feeling something bad was going to happen,’ she says.

‘After he tied me up and beat me with a whip over and over again.’ It was a Nazi whip with a swastika on it from the Holocaust. Because I am a Jew.

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‘And he said he was going to strike me in the same spot over and over so it would hurt really bad.’ Then he stunned me by using the Violet Wand on my welts.’

A Violent Wand generates high-voltage, low-current electricity. Electricity is applied to the body in BDSM, resulting in painful shocks.

‘He shocked my private areas, and the pain was so excruciating that I snapped the kneeler in two.’ I jerked so hard that the kneeler shattered. And in his arms, he slumped like a pool of sorrow.

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