What is Eva Zu Beck Net Worth? How Rich Is This Person In 2022!

Eva Zu Beck is a 30-year-old Polish travel vlogger, a former host of TRT World’s Turkish news channel show, and a self-sufficient woman following her dream. She has lived in Pakistan for years, traveled 24 hours on a cargo train in the Sahara Desert, and spent three months on a remote off-coast island of Yemen due to a pandemic before returning home on a cargo ship. She is worth an estimated $7.2 million.

Eva had long wished to be entirely free and independent, with her own small home. She recently purchased a Land Rover Defender, which is her dream truck. She’s currently turning the Land Rover into a little camper.

Personal Information:

Real Name Eva Zu Beck
Nick Name Eva
Birth Place Poland
Date of Birth April 26, 1991
Age 30 years (as on 2021)
Height In centimeter- 181cm
Weight In Kilogram – 60 kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Profession YouTuber creator, TV Host
Parents unknown
Husband N/A
College Oxford University
Religion Christian
Nationality Polish
Net Worth $7.2 Million

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Early Life and Childhood

eva zu beck net worth

Eva Zu Beck is a YouTuber and social media sensation who rose to fame thanks to her YouTube channel, where she publishes films about her travels.

Eva Zu Beck was born on April 26, 1991, in Poland. Eva’s family immigrated to England when she was a child.

Eva Zu Beck rose to prominence thanks to her YouTube channel, where she documents her travels across the world in short films and cultural vlogging. She studied at Oxford.

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Eva Zu Beck’s Professional Career

She was really interested in traveling to a new destination when she was in the second year of her university degree. That is why, throughout her time at the University of Ontario in Toronto, she chose to acquire more languages outside her native tongue English. Also, read the biography of Living Bobby.

Eva Zu Beck began working in her mother’s shop after graduating from the University of Ontario with a degree in German and French. She also puts money aside for travel. Finally, she began to explore and travel, which was a dream come true.

Eva Zu Beck made the decision to go to regions throughout the world where few people go and educate others about them through her videos and blogging. This is the primary motivation for her YouTube channel. On February 24, 2013, she launches her YouTube channel and begins uploading videos to it.

Eva Zu Beck’s YouTube channel currently has over 500k followers and 31,861,709 views. Eva has made the decision to travel full-time, and filming movies is now her passion, which she cannot abandon ( According to Eva Zu Beck). She has decided to pursue a career in travel and YouTube.

“What Western Media Won’t Tell You About ISLAMABAD,” “Why I Love Pakistan / Independence Day 2018,” “Why Pakistan Can Become the World’s #1 Travel Destination,” and “When The PAKISTAN Air Force Invites You To A Mountain Marathon” are among her most well-known films.

The most popular videos on Eva’s channel are all about Pakistan. Her initial journey to Pakistan lasted only 11 days, so she knew she’d have to return to see more of the country. Her second trip lasted nearly six months.

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Husband, kids, and Marriage

Eva is still alone and not dating anyone. She might be more concerned with her profession than with being in a relationship.

Eva Zu Beck’s Net Worth

As of 2022, her channel has 7.2 million followers and 71.3 million views out of 134 total videos released. She posts two to three videos on her channel every week, and her subscriber base is increasing at an exponential rate of 8050 new subscribers every day. Each month, total upload video generates over 6.54 million views. As a result, she earns an estimated $1500 per day ($540000 per year) exclusively from YouTube advertising that broadcast on her videos.

She also generates money from the brand, sponsorships, and affiliate sales as a travel blogger.

She is expected to be worth $7.2 million in 2022.

Patreon Earnings

Eva offers three Patreon subscription tiers: $3 (for first-time travelers), $9 (for world explorers), and $19 (for world explorers) (full-time adventure). Patreon is a subscription-based website where authors charge their subscribers a set sum in exchange for an exclusive offer.

She has 186 patrons, according to the math.

If all 186 members pay $3, she will earn $558 each month through her Patreon page.

Eva Zu Beck’s Less-Known Facts

  • Eva worked for a tiny startup company for over five years before deciding that corporate life in London wasn’t for her. The next day, she quit her work to pursue her passion.
  • Her biggest goal, she said in her q&a video, was to travel solo to a country where women don’t generally travel alone. She began independent trips to Nepal, India, Pakistan, Mongolia, and China. Beck began filming her travels and uploading them on YouTube while she was on the road.
  • Her channel’s early rise didn’t happen fast; she had to work hard at first, learning everything from scratch by watching YouTube tutorials.
  • Someone made a tiny montage movie of her footage while she was in Pakistan, and it went viral, receiving over a million views in less than a week. Her YouTube account had 10k subscribers at the time.
  • She continued to travel around Asia before returning to Pakistan. While she was filming videos in Pakistan, an airline approached her about working together. That collaborative video became viral in Pakistan.
  • To commemorate Pakistan’s independence day, Eva Zu Beck participated in a kiki challenge with Pakistan International Airlines. The video became viral as soon as she posted it. She was quickly featured on Pakistan’s major news channel.
  • Similarly, the same viral occurrence aided her in achieving 100,000 followers on her YouTube channel in less than a week.
  • Beck was formerly married, but she divorced him because she desired to live alone and travel. We don’t know who she’s dating.
    Her uncle Andre, a competent carpenter, and her younger brother Tomek assisted her in removing all of the old interior elements of the truck.
    She is currently living as a full-time hobo in her modified tiny camper vehicle, traveling alone on a wheel.

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