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Dj Akademiks’s Video of A Fight with His Girlfriend Has Gone Viral!


Once more, DJ Akademiks is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. The video of the argument between the controversial blogger and the woman, who is rumored to be his girlfriend, is currently going viral on social media.

In the video, Akademiks is seen arguing angrily with a woman as two other women huddle close to him. However, the commentator asserted that he was attempting to stop a fight between the three women. To learn more about the incident, keep reading.

DJ Akademiks gets into Heated Argument with Girlfriend

In the footage, Akademiks can be seen yelling and assaulting his girlfriend at various points. The woman then grabs his hat and flings it down the corridor. As he tries to calm her down, the blogger can be heard shouting, “I’m the prize,” multiple times.

The woman he was speaking to is hit by another woman, and the two start fighting as he rushes to get his hat back. Akademik stands in the midst, attempting to break up the fight when a third lady joins in and begins hitting his girlfriend.

Akademiks Issues Explanation

Akademiks rushed to social media to clarify the issue after the video became viral. In a video he released, he identified the subject as his girlfriend, whom he was attempting to calm down. Things got out of hand because his girlfriend supposedly became irate at the other women who tried to snap pictures with them.

Even if my girl was insulting me and acting out in public—granted, she was intoxicated—you don’t want anyone to jump your female, right? I also cannot hit anyone. He remarked in the video, “I can’t hit the other girls; I just have to be like, ‘Yo, calm, let’s just break it up.”

Additionally, he detailed the situation in the comments section of an Instagram post that included the fight’s video. I was breaking up a brawl, Ak wrote. Because other women were approaching me at a party to take pictures, my girl was intoxicated and acting aggressively toward them. This video begins with one of the girls swinging at her, and my goal is to encourage women to relax. They aren’t listening, though. They are fighting over pictures and crap.

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Internet Reacts

Dj Akademiks

Even though the blogger offered an explanation, netizens were already enraged by the video and began criticizing him. Akademiks pacing back and forth with a woman yelling “I’m the prize” is the weakest sh*t I’ve seen a grown man do in a while, one of his followers wrote.

That hunchback DJ Akademiks being harsh on that woman was mad funny; funny in it that’s the only gender he can act tough on. Cornball, ass mf., someone else tweeted. Why do Akademiks usually get caught talking crazily to women but have no energy for any of the males who might want to smoke with him? was one of the tweets sent by a third user.


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