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Did Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey Date? Why They Had ‘Great Chemistry’ During Shoots – Explained

Did Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey Date?

In How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson had huge chemistry, but did they have off-screen chemistry as well?

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are two of Hollywood’s most successful actors. McConaughey is a versatile actor who has worked in a variety of genres, including comedy, action, drama, and everything in between. He also won an Oscar for his role as Dallas Buyers Club founder Ron Woodroof in the 2013 critically acclaimed film Dallas Buyers Club.

Hudson, on the other hand, is most renowned for her work in several romantic comedies and has been nominated for an Academy Award. The movie office hit How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, in which McConaughey played her love interest, is one of these flicks.

Hudson plays Andie, a writer who decides to create a narrative about how to make a relationship with a guy end in 10 days. However, she had no idea that the guy she chose (McConaughey) had entered a wager with her to make her fall in love with him in the same length of time. The chemistry between the two performers was evident in the end. And one can’t help but wonder if they stayed friends throughout the years.

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey collaborated once more.

Everyone wanted to see Hudson and McConaughey onscreen together again after the popularity of How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. While the two performers were eager to do it all over again, finding the proper project proved difficult.

“We’d had a few opportunities to do it before, and the things that came up were kind of like, ‘Ahhh.'” We were both on the same page.” Hudson clarified. “That’d be a remake of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and I don’t want to do that and then,” McConaughey added.

Years later, Andy Tennant’s Fool’s Gold arrived, and it was finally something different. “This arrived. And it just felt like the relationship because it was kind of an extension of what worked with How To Lose a Guy while also being two completely different characters,” Hudson remarked. “It sounded like a lot of fun,” McConaughey remarked.

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Only on-screen chemistry existed between Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey.

While it was great fun for the two actors to reunite and work on a film again, not everything went as planned during the production. There was an undeniable connection between Hudson and McConaughey. “It was very easy with these two,” Tennant told Manchester Evening News. “Most of my job was to get out of the way because they’d done it before, they have that chemistry, they know what they’re doing, and it made it so much simpler for me to just deal with some of the practical issues we had.”

Tennant was alluding to the moments they had to shoot in the water when he said “logistical problems.” Even the kissing scene after a little plane accident happened in the middle of the sea, and it wasn’t as romantic behind the scenes as it appeared on camera.

“The problem is, every time I kiss McConaughey, it’s like there’s like something happening and there’s like snot or wind, or things are just… like when we were kissing at the end of Fool’s Gold, we were like in the water, we were like in the aircraft crash,” Hudson said on the Goop podcast.

McConaughey, it turns out, agreed. “There’s a lot of saltwater and snot and all kinds of stuff in between those,” the actor explained to Yahoo!. “So you’re doing that and you’re like, OK, I guess that worked, but did that look any good?”

“They say, ‘No, we need to do another take.'” So there were always things that made it more difficult… Yeah, we never got to have our romantic kiss.”

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The Two Stars Want To Collaborate Once More

It’s been years since the release of Fool’s Gold. Despite this, McConaughey and Hudson have a strong bond. In fact, Hudson was as supportive as she could be when she found that her former co-star was considering a run for Texas governor, even if she just learned about it after an interview with Rob Lowe.

“I honestly feel that if he does want to go into politics, Matthew, you wouldn’t find a politician that cares as much as he does, you know?” On Lowe’s podcast, Literally!, Hudson stated, “I believe he’s really authentic in how much heart he has, but the governorship of Texas is a tremendous job.” “I mean, is that what we’re discussing?” Who is Texas’s governor?

While McConaughey eventually stated that he will not be running for politics in the meantime, it appears that he is still interested in collaborating on projects, particularly one with Hudson. While promoting his latest animated picture, Sing 2, the actor told ET, “She’s fun to work with!” “She’s a lot of fun and a lot of rock and roll.” Maybe, just maybe, this time they’ll have a nice romantic kiss.

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