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Can Chantel Jimeno’s Ex-Husband Pedro Jimeno Be Deported After Divorcing Her?


Pedro Jimeno, the star of The Family Chantel, will “not lose” his “green card,” according to Atlanta attorney Emily Davis of the Ross and Pines legal firm.

Because “a person could lose their green card in different ways, such as by committing certain crimes or by abandoning their residency,” Davis feels that “simply going through a divorce with Chantel, who is a U.S. citizen, does not entail that Pedro will face deportation.”

‘He is allowed to remain in the United States as a lawful permanent resident,’ she says.

Davis told In Touch magazine earlier this month that his status as a “lawful permanent resident” had no bearing on his eligibility to apply for U.S. citizenship.

It’s crucial to remember that Chantel jimeno (31) is still “financially accountable” for Pedro even after the K-1 visa has been granted (30).

Can Chantel Jimeno's ex-husband Pedro Jimeno be deported after divorcing her?

If he becomes a citizen, works 40 quarters under the Social Security Act, leaves the country and is no longer a permanent resident, or dies, she may be free from this condition.

According to Davis, Chantel’s application for a green card was a legally enforceable contract between the federal government and Chantel.

Sponsors are required to offer financial aid to the sponsored immigrant in an amount equal to or more than the federal poverty level under this agreement. A divorce does not automatically cancel the contract, according to him.

It was only a matter of time before Chantel responded to Pedro’s divorce petition, filed on May 27th, claiming that she had taken more than $257,000 from their bank account and transferred it to an account jointly owned by her and Winter Everett. Chantel filed her own response on June 5th, denying Pedro’s allegations.

Allegations of “adultery,” “cruel treatment,” and “physical domestic assault” as well as “mental agony” were stated in her July 7 file that was obtained by In Touch.

Restraining orders have been issued against both of them after Pedro filed legal papers.

Neither Pedro Jimeno‘s lawyer nor Chantel’s lawyer quickly returned In Touch’s request for comment on Chantel’s claims.

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