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Blink-182 Has Deleted Their Entire Instagram Account Amid Reunion!


Perhaps one of the most anticipated reunions will take place! According to reports, Blink-182 is reportedly reuniting after fans saw mysterious behavior on the band members’ social media accounts that seemed to allude to their reunion.

Fans have recently observed magically appearing Blink-182 billboards all around the world, leading to rumors that the band is reuniting. All of the posts from the band’s official Instagram page have been removed amid the rumors.

Blink-182 Clears Instagram Page after Rumors of Reunion


The bio on the band’s Instagram account has been reduced to reading, “Crappy Punk Rock since 1992,” a guitar emoji, and a link to their official website. In the meantime, the website has also crashed and is currently showing an animated bunny tapping his foot with the caption, Hard At Work! Please Return Soon.

The band’s latest Twitter activity is enthusing fans more. The band’s official Twitter account liked several tweets from more than ten years ago that hinted that an album will be coming out in ten years.

According to a tweet liked by the band, it will be quite bizarre in ten years when blink182 is considered classic music and we hear it in pharmacies and elevators. A new album from Blink-182 is in the works! It ought to be available within the next ten years or so! another says.

Tom DeLonge Might be Making a Comeback to Blink-182


There are also rumors that guitarist Tom DeLong, who left the group in 2014 to concentrate on creating a better world for his children, may reunite with the rest of the group. In a new change to his Instagram bio, the guitarist listed Blink-182 among his other active endeavors.

Troy Hanson, Vice President of Rock Formats at Cumulus Media, also announced the 46-year-old musician’s return to the group in a later-deleted social media post. Blink-182 will perform at the United Center now that Tom DeLonge has returned to the band. That’s my present to Live Nation for pulling this off at the end of October with Panic! The deleted post mentioned At The Disco.

Mark Hoppus revealed in August of this year that following his cancer diagnosis, he had made amends with DeLonge and Travis Barker. Right now, everyone is in a really good place. I continue to write music, and I’m open to whatever Blink’s next chapter entails. I have faith in the future. Simply put, I’m ecstatic to be here.

Billboards of Blink-182 are Popping Up at Different Locations

Fans have seen Blink-182 sporting a new logo on billboards all around the world. The first reports came from Peru, where an electronic billboard displayed the new emblem. Then, a Reddit series pointed up spotting ads for something called 182 Industries that were similar.

The flyers had links to, which led to the official Blink-182 website. In the meantime, guitarist Matt Skiba, who took over for DeLonge in 2015, has expressed doubt about his continued membership in the group.

Nine, the last album of Blink-182, was released in 2019. They published a song based on the lockdown in 2020 called Quarantine. Hoppus received a cancer diagnosis in 2021, but he beat it that same year.

Are you anticipating the band’s reunion and the release of new music? Comment below and let us know.

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