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A Look at Josh Duggar’s Prison Release Date: He Won’t Be Serving His Full 12.5-Year Sentence


For the first time, Josh Duggar has a date on the calendar to look forward to when he is released from prison. Even though he was sentenced to 12.5 years in jail, he will be released on August 12, 2032, according to the Bureau of Prisons, suggesting that he will spend a little more than 10 years in prison at Seagoville FCI in Texas.

His sentence for receiving child pornography was relocated to FCI Seagoville outside Dallas on June 24, and he began doing time there the following day.

Since the December 9, 2021, guilty verdict in his child pornography trial, he has been held in the Washington County Detention Center in Arkansas. As part of his May 25, 2022, sentencing, a court threw out one count of having child pornography against Josh.

A look at Josh Duggar's prison release date: He won't be serving his full 12.5-year sentence

“The extraordinary efforts Josh Duggar took to obtain and view child sexual abuse materials (CSAM), the nature of CSAM he obtained and viewed his attempts to conceal his criminal conduct, and his refusal to take accountability for or acknowledge any of his criminal conduct” were among the reasons for the 20-year sentence prosecutors requested.

A mild sentence was advocated by Josh’s defense team on the grounds that he had never been prosecuted or convicted of any previous crime and that the term “adequate but not larger than necessary” be handed down to him.

Although it isn’t apparent why Josh isn’t serving the entire 12.5 years term that Judge Timothy Brooks gave down, the reason may have something to do with the time he has already served in Arkansas. Another possible explanation for his early release is that federal convicts are required to serve 85 percent of their sentences.

Josh will still have to serve a minimum of 10 years in prison. Anna Duggar is not allowed conjugal visits, and only “handshakes, embraces, and kisses (in good taste)” are permitted at the beginning and end of any visit. For the time being, Josh’s visits are limited to four hours each month.

A source tells In Touch exclusively that Josh is “terrified of prison” as he begins his sentence. Seagoville, which houses more than 1,700 people, is a low-security facility that isn’t notorious for violence against inmates.

Nevertheless, the source said, “it does happen.” In addition, “he’s going in for what fellow crooks and inmates despise: a child sex offender.” “No one here is sad for him,” the insider said.

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