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Rick Hendricks Car Collection 1 of the Largest Private Corvette Collections in the World


Most automobile fans can only dream of owning a Lamborghini or Bugatti, but the ultra-wealthy can acquire a whole fleet of these high-end sports cars and sports utility vehicles. Because a $1 million cars suddenly doesn’t seem outrageous when you have $50 million, $100 million, or more in the bank. Hendrick Motor Sports’ Rick Hendrick is not only a car lover; he’s also a multimillionaire. As a result, he has invested some of his wealth in one of the world’s greatest private collections of Corvettes.

Who is Rick Hendricks

If you’re not a fan of NASCAR, you might not recognize Rick Hendrick’s name right away. Fans of the game will recognize the 72-year-old. Since he launched Hendrick Motor Sports nearly four decades ago, he has also served as chairman and CEO of the Hendrick Automotive Group. According to The Drive, this network includes 94 stores. In addition, he is a co-owner of JR Motorsports, a professional stock racing car team, which he founded in 2010.

Rick Hendricks Car Collection 1 of the Largest Private Corvette Collections in the World

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Hendrick grew up in Virginia despite being born in North Carolina. He’s always had a passion for cars and racing, and he built his first dragster at the age of 14. Hendrick began his career as a used-car salesman in his early twenties and was later promoted to the position of general sales manager for his firm. He purchased a Chrysler dealership franchise at the age of 27, making him the youngest owner of one in the United States. Since then, he’s bought other dealerships and grown his network to become the sixth-largest in the United States of America. Superyacht Fan claims that it is the world’s largest private vehicle dealership network.

In the late ’70s, he started putting together drag racing teams by building boats. Hendrick’s team won three consecutive world titles before he joined NASCAR. His teams have won 17 titles, 347 races, and 291 pole positions in the following four decades. The most successful NASCAR team owner of all time, he is. As a result of their NASCAR and economic success, they have received many accolades.

The Net Worth of Rick Hendrick

One-billion-dollar entrepreneur and former race car driver Rick Hendrick is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and former racing driver. Hendrick Motorsports, the NASCAR team he owns, is his most well-known project of Hendrick. Additionally, he is the owner of the Hendrick Automotive Group, which has 140 dealerships in 14 states. Chairman of America’s sixth-largest dealership, Rick serves as chairman of his company.

Rick Hendricks Car Collection 1 of the Largest Private Corvette Collections in the World

Jimmie Johnson, Chase Elliott, Alex Bowman, and William Byron are the four full-time drivers for the Hendrick Motorsports racing team that he has controlled since 1984. Drivers that have driven for him previously include Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Kasey Kahne. A total of 12 Monster Energy Cup Series titles have been won by Hendrick Motorsports (now known as the NASCAR Cup Series).

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The Corvettes owned by Rick Hendrick

One of Rick Hendrick’s greatest assets is his vast collection of cars, which he keeps in the Heritage Center, a location near Motor Sports’ headquarters in Concord, NC. According to the Detroit Free Press, there are 120 Corvettes among the 210 pricey and rare luxury vehicles housed there. In Hendrick’s heart, a Corvette holds a particular place because his first date with his long-term partner was in one. For his first dealership, he sold the Corvette he had had a few years earlier.

Corvettes include a newly purchased 2020 C8 Corvette at a charity auction for the Detroit Children’s Fund, one of his most valued models. Stingray VIN 0001 is the model year’s first mid-engine Stingray. They charged $3 million for their services. As with the rest of Hendrick’s collection, it will be stored in the Heritage Center rather than driven.

The early Corvettes from 1955-1957 and the first ZR1 from 1989 are all part of this collection. Two of King Leopold III of Belgium’s Corvettes are included, as is one belonging to former Mexican President Gustavo Daz Ordaz. And he has a 1967 Corvette that was originally owned by Roy Orbison, the legendary musician who died in 1980.

Rick Hendrick has a large collection of other vehicles.

More than just a few Chevrolet Corvettes are in Rick Hendrick’s personal collection. His collection of rare cars includes a Chevrolet from the movie Days of Thunder and a Camaro that previously belonged to baseball legend Reggie Jackson, according to a USA Today profile on Hendrick. You might be surprised to find that despite the fact that Corvettes make up the majority of his collection, his favorite automobile of all time is not one of them.

Rick Hendricks Car Collection 1 of the Largest Private Corvette Collections in the World

The first automobile he and his father made, a 1931 Chevrolet, holds that honor. His great-general grandfather’s store-bought it for $250, and they rebuilt it in the back of the store. In the event of a natural disaster, he’d first try to salvage this car from the Heritage Center, even if it’s not the most valuable. All of his future success, from racing to business, was sparked by that one automobile. As a nod to Hendrick’s past, the Heritage Center chose to include it.

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The Heritage Center is more than just a collection of automobiles. In addition to the general store, the gas station where he met his wife, and the bank where his mother worked are all represented in the museum. USA Today’s interview with Hendrick stated that the Heritage Center honors his family and significant events in his life. Of course, it’s a nod to his passion for motor vehicles as well. Hendrick’s passion for classic cars will only become stronger as he attends more auctions.

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