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Bill Gates Car Collection: Inside the Garage of World’s Greatest Man


The automotive collection of Bill Gates exudes diversity, desirability, and near-unrivalled exclusivity.

Bill Gates is an accomplished American business entrepreneur, software developer, investor, author, and philanthropist. His full name is William Henry Gates III. Bill is most known for co-founding Microsoft, an American global technology business that has collected a massive fortune over the years, making him one of the world’s wealthiest people. Bill is known for his affluent lifestyle and expensive tastes, with his hobby of collecting some of the world’s most sumptuous automobiles frequently putting him in the spotlight.

The well-known business tycoon is the happy owner of an ultra-luxurious and opulent residence in Washington, DC, with a staggering total asset worth of $147 million. Bill Gates‘s obsession with private aviation travel is unquestionably his most extravagant pastime, with his personal hangar housing more than $200 million in customized ‘bizjets.’ Although Gates’ automotive collection is modest, it is far from dull. Some of the world’s most desired and expensive automobiles scream excess are housed in his garage.

Bill Gates Car Collection: Inside the Garage of World's Greatest Man

Bill’s car collection isn’t as flamboyant as some of his other highly personalised high-value assets. The garage of a business magnate is far from cheap, and it exudes near-unrivalled panache and desirability. Bill’s collection has a wide range of vehicles, including sumptuous luxury cruisers and fast-paced supercars, demonstrating his lavish taste.

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What is Bill Gates’ Net Worth?

Bill Gates is an American business entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author. He is the founder and former chairman and CEO of Microsoft. Bill Gates’ net worth is $130 billion as of this writing. Bill Gates has been the richest man on the planet for much of the last two decades. When Amazon founder Jeff Bezos overtook him as the world’s richest person in July 2017, he fell to second place. He is now consistently ranked among the world’s top five wealthiest persons.

Bill Gates, as you surely know, co-founded Microsoft with Paul Allen and is regarded as one of the first entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution. In today’s Microsoft, he owns less than 1.3 per cent of the company. Over the years, he has sold tens of billions of dollars worth of Microsoft stock. Cascade Investment LLC, which Gates uses to invest in hundreds of other firms, is supported by the revenues of his sales.

Porsche 911, 1979

The Porsche 911, also known as Bill’s favourite automobile, was released to the public in 1964 by Porsche AG of Stuttgart, Germany. The nimble rear-engined sports car was an instant hit with motoring fans all over the world, and its entire dynamic package had a huge impact on motor racing.

Bill Gates’ first car was a 1979 Porsche 911, which has since become one of the most iconic sports cars in modern history.

The Porsche 911 has undergone a slew of visual and technological upgrades over the years, but the famous sports car’s basic design concept has remained constant even in the modern era. The 911 family of sports automobiles exudes almost unmatched levels of desirability and exceptional engineering ingenuity, with Bill’s own 1979 Porsche 911 selling for a stunning $80,000 at auction.

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Porsche 959 Sports

The Porsche 959 was introduced in 1986 and was regarded as one of the world’s most technologically advanced sports cars. The Porsche 959 was first presented as a Group B rally car, with the road-legal version developed to meet FIA homologation criteria, which required a minimum of 200 units to be produced.

Bill Gates Car Collection: Inside the Garage of World's Greatest Man

When it was introduced in 1986, the Porsche 959 became the world’s fastest road-legal production sports vehicle, with a top speed of a mind-boggling 197 mph. The Porsche 911 was one of the first high-performance sports cars to have all-wheel drive, and its excellent overall package paved the path for future Porsche sports vehicles.

The groundbreaking Porsche had an unrivalled exclusivity factor, with only 337 examples of the 959 produced by the German carmaker. Bill Gates was one of the fortunate few who had the opportunity to acquire this renowned sports automobile, which targeted a limited and rich target clientele.

Ferrari 348

Ferrari introduced this mid-engined V8-powered two-seater supercar in 1989, and it was a straight replacement for the Ferrari 328. The Ferrari 348 was a one-of-a-kind product from the Italian carmaker because it was the final V8 supercar designed by Enzo Ferrari.

Bill’s unconventional use of the Italian supercar sparked debate among driving aficionados all over the world, as the famed business billionaire would frequently drive his 348 in the sand, earning it the nickname ‘Dune Buggy.’

The Ferrari 348 ranked atop the exclusivity rankings, with just 8000 pieces of the nimble Italian supercar ever produced by Ferrari. The elegant supercar is still highly sought after in the present period, with numerous examples of the limited edition machine fetching a whopping $160,000.

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Porsche Taycan

Due to the growing popularity of electromobility, various automakers have released their own versions of an efficient all-electric vehicles. Porsche’s attempt at electrification has been a huge success for the German automaker, with the blisteringly fast Taycan displaying supercar traits with a dash of environmental benevolence.

Bill Gates Car Collection: Inside the Garage of World's Greatest Man

The Taycan had its public debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, where it instantly drew the attention of motoring journalists all over the world. The revolutionary Porsche was beautiful to look at and had a lot of potential in terms of performance dynamics.

The all-electric Taycan is seen as a sort of salvation for petrolheads, with its whole package evoking the exhilaration of a gasoline-powered supercar. Bill’s passion for Porsches led him to purchase his own $150,000 Taycan, adding a splash of colour to his otherwise colourful and diversified collection.

Chevrolet Suburban

The Chevrolet Suburban is a popular series of automobiles produced by General Motors’ Chevrolet division. The imposing SUV is a very impressive all-rounder that has considerably impacted the full-size SUV industry. It is also known as the longest continually used automotive nameplate in production.

The full-size SUV is available with a variety of engine options, ranging from a 5.3-Liter V8 to a more powerful 6.2-Liter V8, giving it a dynamic personality. Because of its large cabin and comfortable riding dynamics, the enormous SUV has a good reliability rating and is a popular choice of several well-known Hollywood celebrities as their daily traveller.

The $60,000 Chevrolet Suburban is one of Bill’s more affordable autos, but it is also regarded as one of the most comfortable SUVs in its segment to be chauffeured in.

Ford Focus

Bill’s regular driver is a Ford Focus hatchback that is both dynamic and uncomplicated. The intriguing small hatchback is powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder Ti-VCT direct-injection powerplant that produces 130 horsepower and 128.33 pound-feet of torque.

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Bill Gates Car Collection: Inside the Garage of World's Greatest Man

The Focus is known for its exceptional ride and handling qualities, as well as its fun-to-drive personality, making it one of the segment’s top options. The $15,000 Ford is the cheapest car in Bill’s collection, but its well-rounded overall package makes it a viable purchase for the American billionaire’s daily driving needs.

Bill’s luxurious lifestyle is, to say the least, awe-inspiring. The billionaire’s taste in cars is unmistakable, with his garage housing some of the most exotic and highly sought-after autos that only genuine car lovers can appreciate. Bill’s collection also has a modesty about it, with cars like his Ford Focus hatchback and Chevrolet Suburban SUV standing out among his unique and astronomically expensive collection. Bill’s collection is characterised by his impeccable taste, with each of his autos having its own personality or calling card in terms of exclusivity, exorbitance, or quality.

Is there any artwork in Bill Gates’ collection?

Gates is a passionate art collector. He paid $30.8 million for the Codex Leicester, one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks, at an auction in 1994. “I feel really blessed that I own a laptop,” he remarked of the purchase. In fact, I recall telling my wife Melinda that I was going to buy a notebook one night, and she didn’t think it was a big issue. ‘No, this is a fairly remarkable notebook, this is the Codex Leicester, one of Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebooks,’ I said.

“I’ve always been astonished by him because he worked out the science on his own and understood things that no other scientist at the time did,” he continued. And his work is incredible. He would work by sketching ideas and writing them down. As a result, he made these journals about how light, water, and weapons worked. Of course, he invented many kinds of flying aircraft, such as helicopters, long before it was possible to create one. So each of these notebooks is an incredible document–they’re kind of his rough-draft notes of writings that he wanted to put together later.”

Andrew Wyeth, William Merritt Chase, George Bellow, Winslow Homer, and Frederick Childe Hassam are among the artists Gates owns. His collection is valued at more than $100 million.

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