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How Can Americans See the Gold on BBC IPlayer? [Free of Charge]

How Can Americans See the Gold on BBC IPlayer

Are you eager and unsure about how to see the documentary The Gold in the United States at the same time? Don’t worry about it. By signing up for a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN, you can watch The Gold in the USA on BBC iPlayer.

A group that stole from a Brink’s Mat security facility near Heathrow and discovered gold bullion worth $26 million is the subject of the BBC iPlayer program The Gold.

The BBC iPlayer is the main streaming platform for this legendary British TV show, and the greatest thing is that it is totally free! Nevertheless, due to geographic limitations and licensing concerns, BBC iPlayer is not available in the USA. But, you can use a premium VPN to access BBC iPlayer in the USA.

Read on to learn how to stream The Gold on BBC iPlayer in the USA and every other crucial fact about this program.

How Can I Watch The Gold on I Player? [Quick Steps]

Are you eager to see The Gold in the USA?

Where to Watch The Gold in The USA?

How to watch The Gold on BBC iPlayer in the USA is as follows:

The Gold, a well-known British opera, and other well-liked BBC iPlayer programs are available for viewing. New episodes of the program are routinely released, with the inaugural broadcast taking place on BBC One in the UK.

The cost of the BBC iPlayer subscription is a commonly asked question. You’ll be happy to learn that by just connecting to ExpressVPN, you can stream The Gold in the USA whenever you want and get a free trial of BBC iPlayer.

When Is The Gold coming on Bbc IPlayer?

Despite the fact that the service is free, viewers must have a UK TV license in order to watch the material. Anyone in the world can use a VPN to view BBC iPlayer content.

What Is the Plot of The Gold?

The Gold, which debuted on February 12, 2023, is expected to be a memorable evening of drama, suspense, and action. Mark your calendars because all the action will be available on BBC iPlayer on Sunday at 9 p.m.

According to research and interviews with several of those involved, the infamous Brink’s-Mat robbery serves as the plot of The Gold. The Gold tells the story of the infamous Brink’s-Mat heist.

Six armed robbers set out on November 26, 1983, to commit what was described as “a standard Old Kent Road armed robbery.” They uncovered 26 million dollars worth of gold bullion when they broke into the Brink’s-Mat security station close to Heathrow Airport.

The heist was a turning point in British criminal history, with repercussions felt all around the world. Large-scale international money laundering was sparked by the sale of gold bullion, and the illicit earnings fueled the housing bubble in London Dockland.

Who Is the Official Cast of The Gold?

It gathered criminals from the blue-collar and white-collar world and sparked a chain of events that ended in murder. In conclusion, because of The Gold’s rigorous research and compelling interviews, this is a story that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Cast Role
Jack Lowden Kenneth Noye
Hugh Bonneville Brian Boyce
Dominic Cooper Edwyn Cooper
Charlotte Spencer Nicki Jennings

What Is the Number of Episodes of The Gold?

The following is a list of The Gold’s official cast:

Episodes Release Dates
Episode 1 12 February 2023
Episode 2 19 February 2023
Episode 3 26 February 2023
Episode 4 5 March 2023
Episode 5 12 March 2023
Episode 6 19 March 2023

Is There a Trailer for The Gold?

The new BBC series The Gold has 6 episodes, with a new episode broadcast every week at 9 p.m. The Gold’s episodes are listed below, along with the dates they originally aired:

How are The Gold’s Fans Responding on Social Media?

After much waiting, The Gold’s trailer has finally been released, offering us a glimpse at how the famed robbery will be portrayed on film. Enjoy the exciting video below to watch the robbery happen right in front of your eyes.

The majority of reviews for the recently released BBC rendition of The Gold have been favorable. Both the visually spectacular and compelling sequences as well as the ensemble cast’s powerful performances have received much appreciation.

The show’s powerful and darkly comic tone has been praised by critics and makes it an enthralling watch for viewers. Although some reviewers have complained that the plot’s pacing might be slow, most have praised this fascinating novel, which is set in a world of dishonest gold miners.

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Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch The Gold in the USA?

Overall, it appears like The Gold is a film that you should watch.

We were able to unblock BBC iPlayer and view The Gold in the United States.

ExpressVPN has one of the largest VPN networks accessible, with a network of more than 3000 servers spread over 94 countries, including 5 server locations in the UK.

It is advised to connect to a server in the UK in order to stream EastEnders and Better Season 1 broadcast on BBC iPlayer without interruption.

Results of the ExpressVPN speed test.

ExpressVPN is easily accessible on iPhones/iPads, tablets, Desktops, laptops, game consoles, Smart TVs, and many other devices because it supports macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux.

Moreover, ExpressVPN permits 5 concurrent connections on various devices using a single subscription account. By using 256-bit keys and the AES encryption standard to encrypt data and conceal customers’ IP addresses, ExpressVPN takes user security seriously.

User behavior is not logged by the service, adding another layer of privacy. Its streaming capabilities are improved by TheMediaStreamer DNS service, making it a dependable choice for watching BBC’s The Gold in the USA.

ExpressVPN is a flexible choice for people looking to view UK material while outside of the country because it enables users to unblock Channel 5 and ITV in addition to The Gold on BBC iPlayer.

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Watch The Gold
    • Date: 2023-02-12
    • Event Name: The Gold
    • Event Platform: BBC iPlayer


Who are the makers of The Gold?
The Gold is directed by Aneil Karia, Written by Neil Forsyth, and produced by Tannadice Pictures. Drama series based on the 1983 Brink’s-Mat heist and the extraordinary events that transpired.



Who else is starring in The Gold?
The other star cast for The Gold is Tom Cullen as John Palmer, Emun Elliott as Metropolitan Police detective Tony Brightwell, Sean Harris as Gordon Parry, Peter Davison as Assistant Commander Gordon Stewart of the Metropolitan Police, and many more.



Where was The Gold filmed?
The Gold was filmed in South Australia. At Dorchester Prison, scenes for The Gold were filmed last summer. The jail functioned as a private business after the Ministry of Justice officially closed it in 2014. It will also serve as HM Prison Long Lartin in The Gold.



Wrap Up!

Moreover, ExpressVPN is currently available for the fantastic price of US$ 6.67 /mo – Save 49% and receive 3 extra months FREE with a 12-month plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This post has essentially summarised how to watch the Gold on BBC iPlayer in the United States for you. If you live in the USA, a VPN subscription, like ExpressVPN, is very necessary.

If you want to watch The Gold in the US on BBC iPlayer, make sure you sign up for ExpressVPN because it’s a terrific tool for getting around geographic restrictions. Enjoy your stream!

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