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Watch Chasing the Rains Outside USA on AMC+


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Where to Watch Chasing the Rains Outside USA?

With a dependable VPN, you may access AMC+ and watch Chasing the Rains outside of the USA.AMC+ is a paid streaming service that is exclusively available in the USA, but you may use a VPN to view it from other nations.

What is the Release Date of Chasing the Rains?

On April 22, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET/PT, a new nature documentary series called Chasing the Rains will premiere. AMC+ will offer the series for streaming. Weekly episodes will be made available on AMC+.

What is the Plot of Chasing the Rains?

A four-part documentary series called Chasing the Rains explores animal life in Kenya.

The series follows a family of elephants in Samburu, a pack of wild dogs in Laikipia, and a herd of cheetahs in Naboisho as they struggle to survive the drought and all of its hardships—from finding food, water, and shelter to fending off other predators.

The creatures must learn to adjust to a changing climate and the uncertainties it brings, despite some little relief when the rain returns.

Where was Chasing the Rains filmed?

Kenya was the location for Chasing the Rains’ filming. The hardships associated with one of Kenya’s worst droughts are the focus of the television series. Samburu, Laikipia, and Naboisho, which is close to Masai Mara, were some of the places where it was filmed.

Who is in the Cast of Chasing the Rains?

In pursuit of the Rainscastis:

Narrator Adjoa Andoh
Directors Faith Musembi
Justin Purefoy
Executive Producers Alison Barrat
Poppy Dixon
Nigel Pope
Jackie Savery

What is the IMDb Rating of Chasing the Rains?

Chasing the Rains has no IMDb rating as of April 2023 because the show hasn’t yet begun its premiere.

Is there a Trailer for Chasing the Rains?

Yes, a Chasing the Rains trailer exists.

How Many Episodes are Available for Chasing the Rains?

Chasing the Rains has 4 episodes available for viewing.

These episodes demonstrate the challenges faced by elephant herds, wild canines, and cheetahs as they raise their young during one of Kenya’s worst droughts.

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Yes, Chasing the Rains is worth viewing because it provides in-depth insights on the complex relationships and behaviors of animals as well as the issues that they encounter as a result of climate change and human activity.

Chasing the Rains is a metaphor for pursuing anything that is elusive or challenging to obtain. One of the worst droughts to hit Kenya in the past 20 years is referenced in the documentary series as the animals struggle to survive.

The film’s directors are Justin Purefoy and Faith Musembi.

Wrap Up

We sincerely hope that this tutorial has made it clear how to watch Chasing the Rains on AMC+ outside of the USA.Chasing the Rains, a nature documentary with a Kenyan setting, to be released on April 22, 2023.

Viewers who want to watch the show must use a VPN service like ExpressVPN to get around geo-restrictions and easily access the AMC+ material.

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